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Over 1 Million Happy Users

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Quick and Effective Pain Relief

The Kailo is designed to offer fast-acting relief for chronic and acute pain: Back, knee, sciatica, headaches, menstrual cramps, arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint, nerve, muscle and more.

Non-Invasive, Drug-Free, No Odors

Perfect for those who have tried medications, physio, surgery, and various treatments with limited success. Kailo provides a natural alternative that actually works!

Reusable and Cost-Effective

If you need long-term pain management, The Kailo is a reusable one-time yearly investment as low as 0.27 cents day.

Over 1 Million Happy Customers

Stories Directly From Our Customers

How The Kailo™ Works

The Kailo™ Pain Patch is made of conducting and semi-conducting materials to make micro-capacitors. These Micro-capacitors work with your body’s natural electrical system to interact with the pain signal on its way to the brain to help relieve your pain. No plugs. No batteries. Just natural pain relief.

Reusable And Works Anywhere On The Body

You can use one or more patches anywhere on the body, 24/7, and move them around as much as you want. They will last and function for 30 days or more, as long as they’re kept clean and well taken care of. Each Kailo™ patch comes with free replaceable adhesives.

Fast Acting. Drug Free. Non Toxic

When placed correctly (see our placement instructions), The Kailo™ can reduce and eliminate pain and discomfort almost immediately. No drugs. No strong smells. No toxic chemicals.

What The Kailo™ Is Made Out Of

The Kailo™ is made of conducting and semi-conducting materials  such as Copper and Silicon to make micro-capacitors. It’s non-toxic, water-resistant, abrasion-proof, and eco-friendly, posing no threat to groundwater if landfilled. There is NO medication that goes into your body.

The High-Tech Patch That Can Reduce Pain On Contact

The Kailo™ Pain Patch is naturally electrical. It was made to connect with your nervous system and soak up broken signals. Good signals help your body reduce pain.

Users have reported pain relief from:

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  • 01. Water-Resistant
    01. Water-Resistant

    Kailo is water-resistant, allowing you to keep it on while showering or swimming.

  • 02. Recyclable Eco-Friendly Product
    02. Recyclable Eco-Friendly Product

    Recyclable and will not leak chemicals into groundwater (chemical-free).

  • 03. Non-toxic material
    03. Non-toxic material

    Kailo is crafted with elements like Silver and Copper.

  • 04. Reusable 24/7 For Up To 365 Days
    04. Reusable 24/7 For Up To 365 Days

    Kailo is highly durable and, with proper care, can last for several months.

How To Use The Kailo™: Step by Step

Step One

Place The Kailo™ at the source of the pain. Placement directly on the skin is recommended. (Video instructions provided with every patch)

Step Two

Move the patch around slowly near the pain until you start to feel relief. A patch in the correct spot will begin to ease pain very quickly.

Step Three

Stick it on and enjoy long-term relief!

Clinical Trials

Research Backed Relief:
The Results Are In And They're Amazing

The final results from the IRB-approved study demonstrated that

Patients who used Kailo™ over a period of 30 days showed a vast reduction of their pain severity levels.

They also experienced a better quality of life, improved function, were very satisfied with the Kailo Pain Patch, and preferred the patch over oral pain medications.

“With the increased focus on identifying alternative therapies for patients experiencing pain, the use and ongoing research of novel approaches including the non-drug and microtechnology based Kailo™ patch, seem to have a very positive effect on patients who are experiencing mild, moderate, and chronic pain.”

Jeffrey Gudin, MD | Principal Investigator

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90 Day Money Back Guarantee

No-hassle, no restrictions, 100% money-back guarantee. If you feel the The Kailo™ Pain Patch isn't working for you within 90 days, we'll gladly take it back.

Amazing Customer Support

We will respond quickly to your emails. We will chat with you on the website. We will meet with you on a video call. All to ensure you have an excellent experience.

Made In The USA

All Kailo products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States

FDA Registered

Kailo Labs has successfully completed registration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), establishing compliance with regulatory standards.

Clinical Trials

In 30 days, Kailo™ users experienced significantly reduced pain, enhanced quality of life, and preferred the patch over oral medications.

Here's What's Included In Your 12-Month Kailo™ Kit

1 Reusable Kailo™

Use 24/7 for up to 365 days with proper care.

3 Free Adhesives + Soft Carry Case

Retains adhesiveness for multiple reapplications to the skin.

90-day, Money-back Guarantee

If you're not happy with Kailo™, return it for a 100% refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Kailo™ will work for you as long as the gold pattern on the one side is still there. That gold is the slurry with the capacitors in it. Your Kailo™ can get wrinkled and crinkled but if the slurry is still there, it can still relieve your pain. It will normally last 365 days or a bit more with proper care.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to use our adhesives:

  • Align the adhesive (print side down) with the back of your Kailo patch.
  • Holding one end down, remove half of the adhesive backing as you adhere it to the Kailo patch.
  • Peel the second half of the adhesive backing and finish applying it to Kailo.
  • Now, you can store your Kailo for future use since the outside is not yet sticky.
  • When you are ready to use your pain patch, peel off the clear adhesive backing from Kailo and apply it to your body!

Kailo™ works locally so it can only focus on one area of pain at a time, however, you can wear more than one Flex at a time. Almost everyone can wear 2 and many people can wear 3. We have had a few customers that wear more. There is however a definite threshold that varies from person to person, where adding one more Kailo decreases the effectiveness of the others. The best bet is to add one at a time, find a good placement and then as you add each additional one, evaluate if the first ones placed have decreased in their effectiveness at all.

Yes, you may shower with your Kailo™ on. Always be aware that the adhesive may become loose when it gets wet.

We’re based in the heart of Silicon Slopes, Utah. Kailo is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Utah — the birthplace of television, the artificial heart, electric traffic lights, and Frisbee. We’re proud to be part of the innovative, hard-working, and kind culture of the Beehive State.

The Kailo is built to last 1 year, which saves you money long term. If you purchase one patch, that equals to about $8/month. It is also made out of more expensive materials with costlier processes.

The Kailo patch is made of the following materials:

    • PET Plastic (Used in common products like soda bottles and water bottles)
    • Raw electrically conductive elements like Copper and Silver
    • Raw electrically semi-conductive elements like Silicon
    • PVC plastic (Used in common products like wall and floor coverings)

No. Everything that is in the patches is considered inert and will not interact chemically with the body. The patch only interacts electrically with the body

The patches can be worn all day every day as long as your skin isn’t negatively affected by limited access to the air. We recommend removing the patch for a period of time each day to allow the skin to breath. Some skin becomes sensitive over time to the adhesives used to attach the patches to the skin. Be cautious if you notice this happening and try alternative medical tapes that you can find at your pharmacy or drug-store.

The Kailo™ does not have a battery and it doesn’t plug in. The electrical energy of your own body keeps the micro capacitors in The Kailo™ charged and ready to use.

The conducting and semi-conducting elements in the patches create capacitors. Capacitors are sandwich-like structures that store electrical charges. When you place the patches in the correct places along your nervous system, we believe that the capacitors in the patches influence the electrical charges and signals that are being transmitted.

Your nervous system is an electrical system. You have your own set of electrical wiring in your body, just like in your house. Wires in your house have currents inside of them. When you place the patches in the correct places along your nervous system, we believe that the capacitors in the patches interact with the electrical currents in your nerves and influence the signals that are being transmitted. The way the patch works is a lot like how a magnet interacts with another magnet. If the magnets are close enough together, they feel each others’ influence. If the patch is close enough to the charges in your nervous system, it can influence them.

Kailo is far more than just a business for us, it’s changed thousands of lives already. We offer a no-hassle, 100% money-back guarantee. If your Kailo™ pain patch isn’t working for you within 90 days, we’ll gladly take it back. Before returning The Kailo™, we would love a chance to make sure you’ve found the correct placement. Over 90% of our customers have found an increase in comfort. Our goal is to help everyone get relief.  Please contact us at For specifics on our return policy, please click here.

Kailo™ has proven to be very capable. Please contact us at to learn what experiences we have had with specific conditions.

We do not recommend that individuals who are pregnant use Kailo™.

A very small number of users (as low as 2 in 10,000) have reported minor nausea and light-headedness while using the patches

Many users of the patch can feel a slight tingling at the location of the patch or can feel the patch warm up very slightly when wearing it

If you’re taking medications, the patches do not transfer any chemicals into the body so it is impossible for them to interact with medications, however, we recommend that if there is any question about whether you are sensitive to small electrical or magnetic fields you should ask your doctor if you should use the patches. We recommend that people who wear pacemakers and people who are pregnant should not wear the patches. We also have lower success rates with people who are significantly overweight. The patches need to be located as near as possible to the nerves they are influencing.

We have customers who have cancer who use the patches for pain relief. However, we have no studies related to how patches interact during any types of irradiative treatments. Remove the patches if you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Remove the patches if you have an MRI or CT scan.

Yes! We love sharing Kailo™ with the world. We have shipped to over 140 countries. If you are visiting us from outside of USA, click here to order.


Kailo is far more than just a business for us. If you would like to come try out Kailo or have any questions, please fill out the quick form and we will be in touch with lightning speed. Before arriving, please coordinate your visit with our support team.



No time to read the full trial results? We have you covered with a brief outline of the trial and its outcome. The study was administered by Clarity Science LLC, a respected international scientific research company, and led by Dr. Jeffrey Gudin, the principal investigator.

The clinical trial results represent the outcomes from the PREVENT study. PREVENT is an IRB-approved, minimal-risk, observational trial.

The trial evaluated a group of 66 patients with mild, moderate, and severe pain and neuropathic, musculoskeletal, and arthritic conditions. Their changes in pain severity, medication usage, pain interference, and side effects were closely monitored and evaluated.


  • 71% decrease in the mean Brief Pain Inventory (BPI) Severity score across all patients.
  • 67% decrease in the mean BPI Interference score across all patients.
  • 98% of participants reported “less” or “a lot less” concurrent oral medication use.
  • 97% of participants were “very/extremely” satisfied with the Kailo Pain Patch and noted that they preferred the patch over oral medication.
  • Quality of Life (QoL) improvements were demonstrated in mood, sleep, walking ability, relationships with other people, and enjoyment of life.
  • Patients reported no side effects.



Kailo is far more than just a business for us. It’s about creating pain-free lives. Kailo has already changed thousands of lives. If you think Kailo will work for you or a family member, try it out risk-free. We offer a no-hassle, 100% money-back guarantee on your purchase of an original Kailo patch. If you feel the Kailo isn’t working for you within 90 days, we’ll gladly take it back even if you have opened and used it. In fact, we want you to do just that! We also hope you will get help in finding placement for your pain from our friendly customer service agents or even experience a 20 minute complimentary concierge appointment over Zoom with a placement specialist.

We offer the same 90-day return policy if you are giving the Kailo as a gift. Please provide the gift recipient with your order number. If the gift is returned it will be refunded to the gift purchaser within 14 days of initiating the return. Gift recipients are not entitled to the refund and acknowledge that no refund will be made, except when required by law.


This is a softer, smaller, more flexible patch that is great for smaller, curvier areas of the body. We are excited for you to try it. The softer material does make the Flex less durable than the original Kailo. There is a 30-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee on the Flex.


If you liked the adhesives you received with every Kailo Patch you purchase, you can purchase a 10-pack of replacement adhesives. The 10-pack can also be returned within 90 days for a refund if the package is unused and unopened.


Our tape is a good alternative to our adhesives or it can be used in conjunction with our adhesives to reinforce the connection to your skin. Our KT-tape can also be returned within 90 days for a refund if the package is unused and unopened.


You can save some money by ordering a subscription to any of these three products: The Flex™, Adhesive 10 pack, and KT-Tape. Subscriptions are not eligible for the 30-day, money-back guarantee, but you can cancel your subscription of any product at any time before you receive the shipping notification. 

Our website offers some very deep discounts on Kailo and we are happy to offer you free shipping on your product purchase over $50 and free shipping on subscriptions as well. However, the purchaser bears all return shipping costs to Kailo. 

Before returning your Kailo, we would love a chance to make sure you’ve found the correct placement. Over 90% of our customers have found an increase in comfort using Kailo. Our goal is to help everyone get relief. To receive placement support, please contact us at

If our agents are unable to help you find relief, the Customer Service agent will progress to the return process for the purchaser.

Please be advised that full refunds are issued only when all the product, including any free product you earned through your purchase, is returned. Partial returns will result in partial refunds.

Customer Service is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm MST, M-F. Response times on Customer Service tickets are typically 1-2 business days.

Customers can track orders by searching the tracking number provided in the shipping confirmation email. 

Customers can cancel orders by contacting

International Shipments: Some countries will halt packages in transit and require a customs charge be paid on imported goods. If your package does not arrive, it’s likely being held at your local mail service.